Jun 19

Senate Bill 1156 Threatens Affordable Dialysis Care For Many Californians

by Dawn Wildman, Times Of San Diego

There are residents living in our community who struggle daily to ensure they can pay for the treatment they need to stay alive. Patients who have End Stage Renal Disease, or ESRD, need costly dialysis treatment and often rely on charitable assistance programs to help cover the costs. We should not be discouraging charitable assistance programs from helping patients. The result of legislation pending at the state Legislature would force taxpayers to cover more costs and that is not the right approach. Senate Bill 1156 would severely restrict the ability of charitable assistance programs to provide financial assistance to patients suffering from ESRD. These programs provide patients with essential financial assistance used to cover the costs of their insurance premiums and life-sustaining dialysis treatment. They alleviate dialysis patients’ financial burdens and allow them to access the affordable, high-quality treatment options available in the private market.

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