Jun 28

Kidney Patients Fight SB 1156

by Dianne Anderson, Precinct Reporter Group

If SB 1156 passes, local kidney transplant recipient Philip Silva fears that patients like himself, suffering kidney disease and over a decade on dialysis, risk getting pushed off their insurance or losing their homes in the process. On the surface, he said SB 1156 (Connie Leyva, D-Chino) almost sounds good. “But it has implications that nobody is aware of,” he said. “The attacking the kidney [disabled], they’re using us as pawns.” Being under 65 years old, the only reason he qualified for Medicare was that he was an end-stage renal patient, but it wasn’t enough to cover his costs. In the past, he received Medicare statements for his home-based peritoneal dialysis, with costs of $2,166.20 for one post-transplant drug, of which Medicare only picked up $187.52. His supplemental insurance also picked up only 20 percent.

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