Q: What does the ballot initiative propose?

A: Special interest groups are pushing initiatives in numerous states that would limit how much insurance companies can pay for dialysis care. In addition, the measures would place unnecessary regulations on doctors, nurses and clinic staff that make it impossible to maintain a high standard of care. One of these measures has already made the ballot in California, and it may appear in Ohio and other states as well.

Q: How does the ballot initiative affect dialysis patients?

A: This proposal would make it harder for dialysis providers to administer the quality treatment patients need. These limits would disrupt patient care, possibly forcing some to close or reduce access to patients in need. Clinics serving patients in rural and inner-city areas would be most negatively impacted by this measure.

Life is already hard enough. Clinic restrictions and closures would mean long commutes for treatment, fewer appointment options and fewer staff members caring for patients. Limiting access to dialysis care is dangerous – that is why thousands of patients in California over a few weeks alone signed a petition opposing the measure.

Q: What is its current status?

A: In California, the ballot measure will go before voters in the election this November. In other states such as Ohio, it is still yet to be determined if special interest groups can meet the requirements to get the language on the ballot.

Q: How can we stop it?

A: In order to stop the misguided ballot initiative, we must speak out! By calling and writing legislators and regulators in your state, sharing your story on social media and lending your voice to our efforts, you will be part of a growing movement fighting for those living with end-stage renal disease.

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