The Patient Freedom Coalition (PFC) believes patients have a right to be heard in the policy discussions that most directly impact their care. We proudly represent dialysis patients, their loved ones and the advocacy groups, organizations, healthcare providers and physicians who support the right for the 660,000 Americans living with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) to have their voices heard.

Our Priorities

Charitable Premium Assistance
Chronic illnesses, like end-stage renal disease, require extended care that can last for years. For many low-income patients who rely on regular dialysis treatments, charitable premium assistance is the lifeline allowing them to afford the care they need.

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Patient Access To Dialysis Treatments
Special interest groups are pushing initiatives in numerous states that would limit how much insurance companies can pay for dialysis care, while placing burdensome regulations on doctors, nurses and clinic staff.

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How You Can Help
You can get involved by contacting your lawmakers and urging them to stand up to interest groups and protect dialysis patients to ensure they have access to the dialysis care their lives depend on.